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Connor-gartland-tyrian-connorgartland by MadnessAbe
Tyrian Callows 
Age: Unknown; Estimated to be in his 30s
Height: Unknown; roughtly close to the same height as Qrow Branwen 
Weight: Unknown
Affiliation: Salem's Faction
Race: Scorpion Faunus

(closest I could get)

Within short time, hunted down and reached Team RNJR in Anima
Easily defeated all of Team RNJR at once 
-Amidst the battle, he managed to casually block a strike of Nora's Semblanced enhanced strength and even broke through Ruby's Aura
Battled against Qrow Branwen on even ground
-Managed to hold off against battling Ruby when she tagged into the fight
Managed to poison Qrow with his venom
In a fit of madness, massacred an entire Beowulf

tumblr oie65rEj2a1tbb76go5 500 by MadnessAbe
-Can leap over tall buildings in a single bound
-Can easily knock aside grown men and women
-A single slash onto Ruby caused her Aura to weaken 
-Using only his stinger, blocked an attack from a fully charged Nora Valkyrie 
-Knocked Qrow Branwen through the wall of a building 
-Strong enough to knock aside a Beowulf and rip into its body 
tumblr oie65rEj2a1tbb76go1 540 by MadnessAbe
-Can run across large distances at high speeds, without tiring 
-Moves and strikes at incredibly fast, near blinding speeds in battle 
-Can dodge StormFlowyr's submachine gun rounds 
-Appeared right behind Jaune Arc before he could fully react 
-Has enough balance to spin atop Jaune Arc's shield using only the tips of his Wrist Blades 
-Able to match up against all four members of RNJR, as well as match against the incredibly fast Ruby Rose and Qrow Branwen 
tumblr oj0qio0Rb11tbb76go4 540 by MadnessAbe
-Can smash into a building and shrug it off 
-Was within point blank of a sword slash by Qrow Branwen that created a shockwave that cut off part of a nearby building
-Batted away Crescent Rose's sniper shots using only his tail, and without looking 
-Staggered back from punches by Qrow Branwen, yet got back up not too long afterwards to continue fighting 
-Continued fighting even as he fell through a building
-Managed to cross a large distance back to Salem's domain with his severed tail, likely surviving through a bit of bloodloss

Mentally Unstable and Insane
-Frequently bursts out in fits of maniacal laughter 
Sadistic and Bloodthirsty
-Relishes greatly in the thought of taking one of Ruby's eyes, and is disappointed when he is not allowed to harm her 
-Gleefully laughs at opponents through battle, often taunting them with insults
Dramatic and Eccentric
-Has a habit of sitting in a chair in a crouching position
-Often makes postures and dramatic pauses when speaking to an opponent
Incredibly Loyal to Salem
-Her disappointment of his work caused him to break down in tears and go further into madnes 

Fighting Style
-Fights in an incredibly agile and rapid fighting style
-Mixes his attacks with spinning kicks, somersaults, back flips, rapid dashes, and bouncing off his opponents weapons 
-Attacks with vicious and rapid slashes and strikes to overwhelm the opponent, striking them when they leave an opening
-Prioritizes his targets and may end up attacking one opponent before suddenly jumping to attack another without warning
-Using surprise attacks, such as hiding his Faunus heritage until necessary or using the hidden guns within his blades without warning 

1106 The Emerald Forest 11233 by MadnessAbe
-The manifestation of one's soul in the world of RWBY
-All living things possess an Aura, but only humans and faunus have been able to utilize it for battle
-Strengthens the body and mind of the user with its usage
-Required for the activation and usage of Dust 
-Fundamental component in all RWBY fighting styles 
-Enhanced the mobility and coordination of the user
-Increases the physical strength and power of the user
-Forms a protective barrier around the user, increasing their durability
-Those with strong Auras have a healing factor, healing minor wounds within seconds
-Can be used to turn almost anything into a weapon
-Manifestation of one's Aura in a tangible form
-Is always a power with unique properties unto each user  

Tyrian blades active mode1 by MadnessAbe
TyrianGun by MadnessAbe
Wrist Blades
-Dual bladed weapons wielded on his bracers 
-Folded when not in use and when in use, resemble the pincers of a scorpion
-Used primarily for slashing attacks
-Hidden within are dual mini-machine guns that can be used to fight from a distance or be used as a distraction

V4 06 00051 by MadnessAbe
-Aspect of his Faunus heritage, that of a scorpion's
-Can extend and retract at will, allowing it to be used as a secondary limb/weapon 
-Strong enough to block an attack from a fully charged Nora Valkyrie, shots fired from Crescent Rose, and Qrow's sword strikes
-Can inject someone with a potent venom that slowly kills the victim, causing them to become immensely exhausted and in pain, as well be incapable of moving within time
-The venom is so potent that it can corrode stone 

tumblr oki35y1fYw1s7vfd5o6 540 by MadnessAbe
Aura, and by extension Semblance, is limited and can run out in battle 
Cannot take too much damage, as it will overload his Semblance
Is mentally unstable and insane
Becomes overconfident and arrogant as time goes in a battle
Can be overtaken by surprise and be distracted
-This is what resulted in him losing his stinger 
Tyrian Callows Stings Death Battle!
Finally appears my personal new favorite RWBY villain as of V4! 

Some spoilers for those who haven't seen V4.

Tyrian is owned by Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth

NOTE: If you wish to use this bio for any fight, you MUST first contact me and credit me for the creation.
170 deviations
The worst kind of person are not the misguided, but the ones who know fully well what they do is wrong, and yet continue to do so in a path of self-destruction and desire to bring everyone down with them, instead of trying to better themselves as people and overcome their own faults. 

When that kind of person is left in a state of ruin with everything lost, they must remember that they were the ones who started the fire in the first place. 
Writing and making titlecards for spite fights is one of the most wasteful uses of skill and potential I've seen. Whatever satisfaction you get from doing so is nothing but shallow, hollow, and empty. 

You have potential to do so much greater than that and you know it. Don't waste your worth in engaging in pettiness and spite. Build something truly great that you know you can accomplish. 


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